These are my published books. They contain a selection of my photographs.

Allotment Month by Month (2009)

The bestselling month-by-month guide that tells you what to do on your allotment or kitchen garden – and exactly how to do it. The book is packed with systematic, easy-to-follow advice on when and how to sow, plant, and harvest to guarantee fresh produce all-year-round. Including time-saving tips and techniques on everything from potting and pruning to dealing with pests, diseases and disorders.

Grow Fruit  (2010)

A practical and inspirational guide that tells you everything you need to know to grow your own fruit. The book covers both modern, easy-to-grow fruit varieties and delicious, traditional, heritage cultivars unlikely to be found in supermarkets. A fruit grower’s year-planner sets out a detailed calendar of what to do and when, and a failsafe troubleshooting section helps solve common problems of fruit pests and diseases.

Grow Vegetables (2007)

For food that’s fresh from plot to plate, not flown halfway round the world, you can’t beat homegrown and healthy vegetables, salads, and herbs. Whatever your level of experience or the size of your garden, Grow Vegetables offers foolproof, step-by-step advice and all the practical know-how you’ll need to produce your own great-tasting crops. And it shows how a little planning and preparation, together with a few basic tools and techniques, can transform an allotment, garden, patio or even an urban balcony into a "grow-your-own" haven.

Eyewitness Photography (2004)

Find out all about the amazing world of photography - from the very experiments with pinhole cameras to the latest high-tech developments of the digital era. This information-packed volume in Dorling Kindersley's bestselling Eyewitness series combines photographs and illustrations with detailed, easy-to-understand descriptions to tell the remarkable story of photography - and reveal the secrets of what makes a great picture.