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Pear 'Eldorado', early September. An American pear that "originated about 1925 as a chance seedling in a fence row near Placerville, California. Later, in 1948, Mr. J.A. Winkelman propagated it at Medford, Oregon, The Eldorado pear has not gained prominence in California but is being planted commercially in Oregon. It is distinctly a winter-type pear which fits well into the late marketing season, and is harvested just after 'Anjou', usually with 'Comice'. The fruit is distinctly pyriform in shape, often resembling the 'Bartlett' variety, clear skinned, with a moderately long, flexible stem." ('The El Dorado Pear in Oregon' by Q.B. Zielinski, Fruit Varieties and Horticultural Digest, 1963)