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Tulipa batalinii 'Bright Gem' (syn. Tulipa linifolia (Batalinii Group) 'Bright Gem'). A small species tulip yellow or apricot in colour. "This native to Iran, Uzbekistan & Turkestan is named for the Russian botanist Alexander Feodorowicz Batalin (1847-1896), curator from 1870 until his death of the Imperical Botanical Garden at St. Petersburg. Dr. Batalin provided England's Kew Gardens with its first T. batalinii bulbs in 1888. It was introduced more widely to gardening by P. L. Grueber, a bulb hunter for the famed Dutch company of van Tubergen, the very source of the bulbs we planted...Some have suspected the cultivar 'Bright Gem' is the same as 'Sunrise' which was honored by the Royal Horticultural Society with the Award of Garden Merit in 1901. 'Sunrise' was never registered & its specific history went unrecorded, but some hybrids appear to have originated in Ireland from Hogg & Robertson, whose uncertain cultivars were derived from crosses of T. batalinii with T. linofolia...Others suppose that 'Bright Gem' like several other varieties originated through the hybrid program of W. R. Dykes, who pollinated T. batalinii with T. maximoviczii to obtain several new colors; Dykes in any case registered 'Bright Gem' in 1952."