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Apple 'Golden Reinette', late September. A very old European dessert apple of uncertain origin, widely grown from the 17th century until now. "This has always been regarded as a Hertfordshire apple, and some of the old authors speak of it as being in its greatest perfection when grown in that county. It has been esteemed as one of the finest apples. Worlidge, in 1676, says, "It is to be preferred in our plantations for all occasions." Ellis, in his "Modern Husbandman," in 1744, says, "The Golden Rennet, when of the largest sort, may be truly said to be the farmer's greatest favourite apple, because when all others miss bearing, this generally stands his friend, and bears him large quantities on one tree." ('The Fruit Manual' by Robert Hogg, 1884). Synonyms include: Aurore; Dundee; Megginch Favourite; Princesse Noble; Reinette ďAix; Reinette Gielen; Yellow German Reinette; Elizabeth; Englise Pippin; Wygers; Court-pendû dorée : Kirke's Golden Reinette; Golden Renet; Golden Rennet; Pomme Madame; Wyker Pippin.