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Rosa 'Florence Mary Morse', Great Dixter, early June.<br />
"Bred in 1951 by Reimer Kordes, a German breeder who was also responsible for ‘Iceberg’, one of the most successful roses of all time. Has raggedy, somewhat messy, open-centred, semi-double flowers, and lacks the heavenly scent expected of old roses. Nevertheless, it more than makes up for its flaws with abundant clusters of rich pillarbox-red flowers produced repeatedly over the summer and autumn. Slightly stiff in habit, it mixes well with other ingredients and in Great Dixter’s famous Long Border, it is the only permanent plant to be repeated four times – a true testament to its qualities. <br />
<br />
Height/spread 2m x 1.5m.<br />
Origins W Kordes & Sons. Cross between ‘Chateau’ and ‘Magnifica’.<br />
Conditions Best in full sun in good soil.<br />
Hardiness rating RHS H4.<br />
Season June – November." [Gardens Illustrated magazine, May 2013]