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Olearia solandri, mid October. Common names include: Coastal daisy bush, Coastal shrub daisy, Coastal tree daisy, Daisy bush. "An unassuming shrub that is deserving of much respect, with angular, erect branches clad in narrow, 6mm-long, linear, dark green leaves with looks not too dissimilar to a large tree heath. The summer flowers are small and insignificant, resembling camel-coloured fluff. Now and again the bush fills your nostrils with the secent of heliotrope but it is difficult to pinpoint whether this is directly from the blooms or on the air. Old plants need hard pruning to encourage the upright young growth flushed with yellow, giving the plant its characteristic yellow-green undertones and jagged outline ... Origin: New Zealand." [Fergus Garrett, Great Dixter, Nurseryman's Favourites, Gardens Illustrated magazine, November 2013]