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Fuchsia 'Enfant Prodigue', mid October. "A large and vigorous hardy fuchsia with long, leafy stems that gently arch over under the sheer weight of flowers. Carried in looose clusters, pointed bright-red buds hang gracefully before splitting open, splaying the four red sepals horizontally to reveal a fat, rich, velvety purple skirt of unfurling petals. The male stamens and the long female pistil, both identical in colour to the sepals, protrude prominently from the centre making an exquisite shape. Free-flowering right until the first frosts, rich in colour, and refined with great poise, this is a cut above the rest... Bred in 1887 by Lemoine in France." [Fergus Garrett, Great Dixter, Nurseryman's Favourites, Gardens Illustrated magazine, October 2013]