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Blossom of White bullace, early April. A variety of plum similar to a damson "sometimes classified as insititia var. syriaca, it has small, yellowish fruit, with greenish flesh. A very old variety, it was once known in Cambridgeshire and Essex by the name "cricksies" or "crickses", formed on an earlier plural "creeks", and probably originating in Anglo-Norman creke. It was grown in large quantities in Norfolk in the 19th century, for use in preserving or cooking; Hogg described the flesh as "firm, juicy, sweet and subacid". It is also occasionally referred to as the "Golden Bullace". (Wikipedia) Small round fruit, pale yellowish-white, mottled red on the sunny side.  Flesh is firm and juicy, adhering to the stone, becoming sweetish when quite ripe in end of October and beginning of November.  Often sold as "White Damsons".